CRUEL…IN THIS WORLD 07/24/2016/af


cruel….in this world
so cold
safest in one’s arms
so loving
deepest faith
in all the words we share
gracious, kind and true
the everlasting kindness
of a smile
eyes that never wonder
and look straight into
the kiss so sweet
soft and moist
but gentle as it builds
and yet it seemed so far remote
that the end could never
possibly come to a halt
stopping what was so
physically magnificent
the flame so never ending
as it remained so bright
but the embers slowly lost
their low
hoping as to never fade
in a world so “cold”
and leave “us”
ever so lonely

“whispers” 1991-2016

“whispers” june 8, 1991 4:30pm

i was half screamed out of space; i was
whispers i heard so far distant
wondered did i, real; dream; or was it
myself calling me back?
kissing the clouds my mind was and so
kissed them i did!
my passions rose beyond rose, i lifted
myself from where i thought i was; had been
i embraced those whispers, i did begin
as if love itself was calling
i held them gently tight; caressed each and every
pour of them; felt their softness; their curves
their smoothness; their rounds; their skin where bumps
rose from my fingers touch; the wetness from where
it oozed
and came stronger and closer; even the smell of them;
the whispers did
i enveloped myself around those whispers; i did
they quivered; they shivered; and fell soft into
my arms deep; they did
and as the night came closer to light of day
those whispers began to say; as they faded way
i adore you i so do love you more than more
and deeper than love itself oceans of love
skies of love you; my moon; my sun; my everlasting
starlight; you are the day and night of me; you are
the winged freedom bird above me; you are true of me
and “you are my love” and “my love you are”
and softer and softer and softer the whispers got
and i am here and they now; “the whispers”; are not